CAP505 software:

CAP505 Installation and Commissioning Manual 1MRS751901-MEN

Feeder Terminal REF 54_ Technical Reference Manual, General 1MRS750527-MUM

LIB CAP and SMS Tools for Relays and Terminals

Protection & Control Terminals RE_54_ Operator Manual 1MRS750500-MUM

Protection & Control Terminals Configuration Guideline 1MRS750745-MUM

Relay Configuration Tool Tutorial 1MRS751903-MEM

Feeder terminal Product guide Version H25.10.2010

Relay Mimic Editor Configuration – Configuration Guide 1MRS751904-MEN


Function blocks:

Technical Descriptions of Functions Introduction 1MRS750528-MUM

Generic Base Elements 1MRS752371-MUM

INDRESET Operation Indication, Relay and Register Reset 1MRS752372-MUM

MMIWAKE Activation of MMI Backlight 1MRS752373-MUM

SWGRP_ Switchgroups (SWGRP1…SWGRP20) 1MRS752374-MUM


Function blocks of measurements:

MECU3_ Three-Phase Current Measurement 1MRS752340-MUM

MEVO3_ Three-Phase Voltage Measurement 1MRS752345-MUM

MEVO1_ Residual Voltage Measurement 1MRS752344-MUM

MEAI _General Measurement Analogue Input on RTD Analogue Module 1MRS752337-MUM

MEAO _Analogue Output on RTD Analogue Module 1MRS752338-MUM

MECU1_Neutral Current Measurement 1MRS752339-MUM

MEDREC16 Transient Disturbance Recorder 1MRS752341-MUM

MEFR1 System Frequency Measurement 1MRS752342-MUM

MEPE7 Three-Phase Power and Energy Measurement 1MRS752343-MUM


Function blocks of control:

MMIDATA_ MIMIC Dynamic Datapoint 1MRS752356-MUM

COCB_ Circuit Breaker (2 state inputs 2 control inputs) 1MRS752348-MUM

COIND_ Object Indication (2 state inputs) 1MRS752351-MUM

CO3DC _Three-State Disconnector (3 state inputs 4 control outputs) 1MRS752347-MUM

COCBDIR Direct Open for CBs via MMI 1MRS752349-MUM

CODC_Disconnector (2 state inputs 2 control inputs) 1MRS752350-MUM

COLOCAT Logic Control Position Selector 1MRS752352-MUM

COPFC Power factor controller 1MRS752353-MUM

COSW_OnOff Switch (1 output) 1MRS752354-MUM

MMIALAR_ Alarm (MMI, remote) 1MRS752355-MUM


Function blocks of protection:

NOC3High_ High-Set Stage (NOC3High) 1MRS752309-MUM

NOC3_ Three-Phase Non-Directional Instantaneous Stage (NOC3Inst) 1MRS752309-MUM

DOC6_Three-Phase Directional Overcurrent Protection Low-Set Stage (DOC6Low) High-Set Stage (DOC6High) Instantaneous Stage (DOC6Inst) 1MRS752303-MUM

Freq1St_Underfrequency or Overfrequency Protection Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 1MRS752304-MUM

ROV1_Residual Overvoltage ProtectionLow-Set Stage (ROV1Low)High-Set Stage (ROV1High)Instantaneous Stage (ROV1Inst) 1MRS 752326-

NEF1_Non-Directional Earth-Fault Protection Low-Set Stage (NEF1Low) High-Set Stage (NEF1High) Instantaneous Stage (NEF1Inst) 1MRS752308-MUM

DEF2_Directional Earth-Fault Protection Low-Set Stage (DEF2Low) High-Set Stage (DEF2High) Instantaneous Stage (DEF2Inst) 1MRS752300-MUM

UV3 _ Three-Phase Undervoltage Protection Low-Set Stage (UV3Low) 1MRS752333-MUM

OV3_Three-Phase Overvoltage Protection Low-Set Stage (OV3Low) High-Set Stage (OV3High) 1MRS752322-MUM

PSV3St _Phase-Sequence Voltage Protection Stage1 (PSV3St1) Stage2 (PSV3St2) 1MRS752324-MUM

OL3Cap Three-Phase Overload Protection for Shunt Capacitor Banks 1MRS752320-MUM

CUB1Cap Current Unbalance Protection for Shunt Capacitor Banks 1MRS752299-MUM

CUB3Cap Three-Phase Current Unbalance Protection for H-bridge Connected Shunt Capacitor Banks 1MRS755140

FuseFail Fuse Failure Supervision 1MRS752305-MUM

CUB3Low Phase Discontinuity Protection Function DI 1MRS752298-MUM

TOL3Cab Three-Phase Thermal Overload Protection for Cables 1MRS752328-MUM

TOL3Dev Three-Phase Thermal Overload Protection for Devices 1MRS752329-MUM

SCVCSt _Synchro-CheckVoltage-Check Function Stage 1 (SCVCSt1) Stage 2 (SCVCSt2) 1MRS752327-MUM

Inrush3 Three-Phase Transformer Inrush and Motor Start-Up Current Detector 1MRS752306-MUM

MotStart Three-phase Start-Up Supervision for Motors 1MRS752307-MUM

FLOC Fault locator 1MRS755454


Function block of power quality:

PQCU3H Current Waveform Distortion Measurement 1MRS752335-MUM

PQVO3H Voltage Waveform Distortion Measurement 1MRS752336-MUM

PQVO3Sd Short duration voltage variations 1MRS755448