Relays REF610 designed by company ABB are used mainly for feeders protection. These relays don’t have FBD logic (for example PLCs REF541, REF543, REF545 use FBD logic) therefore their configurations are very simple. Standart relay REF610 has 2 binary inputs and 5 binary outputs (including 3 power outputs). This relay have also internal relay failure (IRF) NO/NC output. With upgraded boards REF610 relay can have 5 binary inputs and 8 binary outputs.

More about REF610 relays you can explore in manufacturer’s ABB manual “REF610 feeder protection relay, technical manual 1MRS755310”.

Configuration and downloading this configuration to REF610 relay are performed by using CAP505 software. How to install CAP505 programing tool read in article “CAP505 course of PLC REF543: 1. Installing CAP505 V2.4 Relay product engineering tool”.

In this article I’ll describe how to read existing configuration from REF610 relay.

It is not necessary to have configuration on PC: first you need to create empty configuration and after connecting to relay REF610 download existing configuration to PC by using CAP505 programing tool “Relay setting tool”.

In figure 1 are shown REF610 relay:

Figure 1


To connect to relay REF610 you can by using such specific cable:

Figure 2


The sequence of creating and uploading (reading) of REF610 configuration:

  1.  Creating of object.
  2. Selecting of object configuration.
  3. Setting of communication parameters
  4. Enabling of communication front port of REF610
  5. Connecting PC to relay REF610Using “Relay setting tool” to download existing configuration from relay REF610.


  1. After opening CAP505 engineering tool

Figure 3

create an object:

Figure 4


Object’s type should be the same as relay’s type. Type of relay are written on relay’s body: in our case relay type is REF610:

Figure 5


Type object’s name and title as shown in the picture:

Figure 6

Press button “OK”.


At “Master design view” window appears object “Feeder”:

Figure 7


2. Selecting the configuration of object. Select Edit-Object Properties:

Figure 8


At „General Object Attributes“ window press button „Attributes“:

Figure 9


At „Rex61x Config“ option we can select configuration type and revision. On REF610 body you can find full identification type of REF610 relay, for example – REF610A51HCHR. By this type select configuration type as shown in the picture:

Figure 10


At “SW library” option select REF610-1MRS118512 because relay type is REF610.

At “REV.” option select revision “A”. Because on REF610 body full identification type is REF610A51HCHR, so letter „A“ is revision of configuration.

The configuration is selected, press button “OK”.



3. Setting of communication parameters. So we need at this stage to set configuration parameters of PC and CAP505 engineering tool. How to do this read more detail in article “CAP505 course of PLC REF543: 3. CAP505 configuration of communication settings”.

At „General Object Attributes“ window press option „Communication“:

Figure 11

Select protocol “SPA” and press button “System Configuration..”:

Figure 12

At window „System configuration“ set communication parameters as shown in picture:

Figure 13

Press button “OK”. Press again “OK”.

Figure 14



4. Enabling of communication front port of REF610. To connect PC to relay REF610 we should enable front port of REF610.

The sequence of enabling of port:

  1. Select “Configuration” by using button “Up”.
  2. To enter to “Configuration” press button “to right”.
  3. By using buttons “Up” / “Down” select “Rear connection”.
  4. Press button “Enter”. Text “Rear connection” start blinking.
  5. By using buttons “Up” / “Down” select “Front connection”.
  6. Press button “Enter”.

More about operating and navigating on HMI of REF610 relays you can read in manufacturer’s ABB manual “REF610 feeder protection relay, operator manual 1MRS755310”.

On relay REF610 front panel lights green LED:

Figure 15

Front port of REF610 is now enabled.


5. Connecting PC to relay REF610.

Connect ABB cable to PC’s com port:

Figure 16

Connect optical head of cable to front port of relay REF610:

Figure 17

Now we can read existing configuration from relay REF610.


6. After selecting object’s type and defining communication parameters, at „Master Design View“ windows appears “Relay Setting Tool” tool:

Figure 18

Open “Relay Setting Tool” tool by double click on left mouse button:

Figure 19


Press “Upload” button as shown in picture:

Figure 20

Important! If you press accidently button “Download” you can rewrite existing configuration of REF610 relay. Pay attention.


At “Upload” window select option “All”:

Figure 21

By selecting “All” parameter, we are going to read full configuration from relay REF610.


Uploading (reading) configuration:

Figure 22


Uploaded configuration from relay REF610:

Figure 23


Uploaded configuration we can edit and this edited configuration to download to relay REF610 by pressing “Download” button on “Relay Setting Tool”:

Figure 24