In this article we will test indications of circuit breaker, circuit breaker’s truck and earth switch. How to configure these indications read in article no. 12 “CAP505 – Configuration of positions indications of circuit breaker, truck, earth switch”. In article no.13 “CAP505-“Relay Mimic-Editor” tool” I’ve described how to draw picture on HMI: circuit breaker, circuit breaker’s truck, earth switch, busbar. Now it’s time to test all these configurations for correct working.

More about PLC REF543 you can read in manufacturer’s ABB manual Feeder Terminal REF54_ Technical Reference Manual General 1MRS750527-MUM.

1. To indicate circuit breaker‘s position we are using: binary inputs BIO_1-5_BI1 (CB is opened) and BIO_1-5_BI2 (CB is closed).
Binary inputs BIO_1-5_BI5 (earth switch is opened) and BIO_1-5_BI6 (earth switch is closed) are used to indicate earth switch position.
To indicate truck‘s position use these binary inputs: BIO_1-5_BI3 (truck is in testing position) and BIO_1-5_BI4 (truck is in working position).

Testing principle scheme of PLC REF543:


2. Case A: all binary inputs are not active:


HMI of PLC REF543:


All indications are undefined (00). This means that in external circuits exist failures (there we have breakings in circuits of BIO_1-5_BI1, BIO_1-5_BI3 and BIO_1-5_BI5).

3. Case B: all binary inputs are activated:


Indications on HMI of PLC REF543:


Again all indications are undefined (11). There we also have failures: circuits of BIO_1-5_BI1, BIO_1-5_BI3 and BIO_1-5_BI5 are short circuited (in normal condition these circuits must be opened).

4. Case C: cubicle IC-1 is withdrawn to testing position for maintenance works: circuit breaker is opened, CB truck is in testing position, earth switch is closed:


Meanings of binary inputs BIO_1-5_BI1, BIO_1-5_BI2, BIO_1-5_BI3, BIO_1-5_BI4, BIO_1-5_BI5 , BIO_1-5_BI6 you can find in particle no.1 of this article.

Indications on HMI of PLC REF543:


4. Case D: cubicle IC-1 is connected to middle voltage network:


Indications on HMI of PLC REF543:


We checked all configurations of indications. They are working correct.

In the next article we‘ll begin to configure protection: non directional overcurrent 3-phase protection, signalization and testing.