Here I’ll demonstrate how to read events by using “Events Log Viewer” tool. Everytime after tripping of protections you can analyze what type of protection tripped, also read data of tripping, time of tripping. Also you can fix when circuit breaker closed or opened.

First you should connect PC to PLC REF543. This connection is described in article no.3 „CAP505-Setting communication settings“.

More about “Events Log Viewer” you can discover in manufacturer‘s ABB manual LIB CAP and SMS Tools for Relays and Terminals. How to navigate on HMI of PLC REF543 you can learn in manufacturer‘s ABB manual Protection & Control Terminals RE_54_ Operator Manual 1MRS750500-MUM.

Now it‘s time to use “Events Log Viewer” tool.

1. Select project object (in my case „IC-1“) and select “Events Log Viewer” tool. Open it by double clicking left mouse button:


2. Select button “Upload:”



3. In “Event Log Viewer” window we can see event list:



The newest event always is on top and is indicated as recorder no.1 („START signal from 3U< stage“). The older event is recorded as event no.2. In picture the event no.20 is the oldest event.

In window „Description“ is fixed the name of event (for example event no. 10 is „Trip signal from I>>> stage“). In „Stage“ window is shown the state of event: there event is activated or reseted. In window “FB/Rev.” is fixed which function block outputed tripping signal. In window „Time“ you can fix time of tripping of protection.

4. Save event list:


5. You can also export event list to *.txt file by selecting „File>Export“:



6. Open exported file „EVENTSREF543.txt“:



7. Close file by selecting “File>Exit”.

You can also read events on HMI of PLC REF543.

8. Press „E“ button on main HMI window:


9. In „Main menu“ window select submenu„Protection“. Press button „to the right“ to enter to submenu „Protection“:


10. In „Protection“ window select submenu „NOC3High“ and press button „to the right“ to enter to submenu „NOC3High“:


11. In „NOC3High“ window select submenu „Recorded data 2“ and press button „to the right“ to enter to submenu „Recorded data 2“:


In „NOC3High“ window there are 3 submenus: “Recorded data1“, “Recorded data2“ and “Recorded data3“. The newest event is recorded to “Recorded data1“, the oldest – to “Recorded data3“.

12. In „Recorded data2“ window you can analyze tripping of „NOC3High“ protection:


That‘s all! We learned how to read event list.

In the next article I‘ll describe how to configure disturbance recorder.